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Pope Benedict Calls for Globalism


June 09, 2010

On the same day that President Obama called for a new international order to solve the challenges of our times, Pope Benedict XVI also called for international cooperation, particularly in the area of solidarity guided by ethics (read religion).

The Pope called for ethics and solidarity in the world’s financial system, rebuking governments that “failed to act properly in the face of speculation that hurts poorer nations,” wrote the Associated Press on May 22.

In typical Vatican-speak, Benedict said that an “ethical interaction of conscience and intelligence” appears to be “too weak in those rulers who, faced with renewed episodes of irresponsible speculation toward weaker countries, fail to react with adequate decisions on financial governance.”

“The pontiff said politics should always be predominant over finance and ethics must guide all action. ”The current economic crisis is “largely due to a lack of trust and of adequate aspiration toward solidarity,” he said.

Benedict said the search for common good must inform globalization and be the goal of progress and development, which would otherwise merely serve to produce material goods. “Without a tendency toward common good, consumerism, waste, poverty and imbalance end up prevailing.”

The pope was speaking at a meeting of a Vatican foundation to promote the church’s social doctrine.

Note that the terms “common good,” “solidarity,” etc, are terms that imply global cooperation. The term “ethics” implies moral principles defined by religion. Benedict is saying that religion, or moral principles, should guide the nations in their global governance. Benedict is trying to position the Catholic Church to be the guide of modern globalism.

Benedict is essentially advocating a one-world religion that will solve the problems of the world through global cooperation. “All that dwell upon the earth shall worship him.” Revelation 13:8.