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Health Laws

There are eight main health laws to follow to enjoy good health. They are as follows:

1. Fresh Air: It is good to breathe deeply in the open air.

2. Sunshine: We do not need more than several minutes a day, but it is vital.

3. Water: This is needed on the inside – about six glasses a day between meals. And on the outside – bathing or showering regularly.

  •  Cleanses inside and out
  •  Thins the blood to be able to transport oxygen & nutrients more efficiently - Read More on Water >>

4. Exercise: Modern man has neglected this very important feature of healthful living. This neglect has resulted in a lot of disease. Brisk walking daily for at least 20 minutes is the best exercise.

  •  Importance
  •  Types, - walking, gardening, etc
  •  Principles involved, - regularity, outdoors, intensity, variety, enjoyable.
  •  Effects of exercise, - mental efficiency, aid to digestion, heart rate,
  •  Result of inactivity, - weakness of muscles, vital function inefficiency,
  •  Fatigue, -
  •  Safety precautions
  •  Exercise and weight control -  Read More on Exercise >>

5. Rest: It is equally important to get adequate rest. The batteries must be recharged.

  •  Rest in change of activity - from mental to physical, etc.
  •  Rest for entire body - sleep
  •  Rest for the heart – cardio to slow the heart beat
  •  Rest for the stomach – 2 – 3 meals a day with no snacking, (5/3 hrs)
  •  Mental rest – Rest in the Lord, (Matt. 11:28), in the nature - Read More on Rest >>

6. Temperance: True temperance is moderation in that which is good, and total abstinence in that which is harmful. - Read More on Temperance >>

7. Diet: Correct eating is vital. We are what we eat.

  •  Diet before the flood / after the fall / for Israel / for Remnant / progressive. Diet reform
  •  Dangers of a flesh diet, = Hi-fat; Hi-protein, Infections and Cancer, Depressed brain function. - Read More on Diet >>

8. Trust in God: Most sicknesses originate in a disturbed mind. The relationship between a troubled mind and a diseased body is very real. When we trust God we experience peace of mind. - Read More on Trust >>